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Easy Beach Waves in under 10 min | Step by Step Tutorial

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

This tutorial will show you how to do Easy Beach Waves, step by step, in less than 10 minutes.

Beach Waves Balyage

Effortless & Easy Beach Waves show up in every ad, Pinterest photo, and all over Instagram, but it is certainly challenging to know where to start when trying it on yourself.

There are so many questions…

Should I use a Flat iron or curling iron? What products will give me that textured look? And how do I make it look so messy without it looking bad?

All those answers and more, below!

*I promise, it’s a lot easier than you may think.*

Let’s do beach waves together!

Here are the products I recommend in the video:

This process will work whether you have chin-length hair, medium length hair, or Elsa length hair. The only thing you will need to change up will be the size of your curling iron (read below to find your size iron.)

Curling Iron:

Short / Medium length Hair:

1 inch curling iron

1-inch curling iron like the FHI Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, ($58). 

Long Hair:

1.5 inch curling iron for beach waves

1.25” or 1.5”  Curling Iron like the Kristen Ess Soft Waves Iron, ($50) or
the Hot Tools Extra Long Barrel Iron in a 1.5-inch width, ($43)
*what I used in the video

Brush/Comb Options: 

Wet Brush Detangler ($7)
*what I used in the video

Wet Brush Dry Bar

Dry Bar Super Lemon Drop Detangler ($20)

The Hair Edit Wide Tooth Comb ($5)

Choose one of these sprays:

Texturizing product for beach waves

Redken Wax Blast ($20)
*what I used in the video

Wave Spray Ouai

Ouai Wave Spray ($26)

Oribe texture spray for beach waves

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($23-$48)

Kriteness Beach wave spray

Kristen Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray ($14)

Kristen Ess Signature Hair Water ($10)
*only use this on hair that holds curl well or else it will flatten your curl out too much

Here is the step by step way to do Easy Beach Waves. I would also watch the video because it’ll make a lot more sense, and you might get that beach wave AHA moment that could change your hair forever. 🙂

  1. Brush through your air-dried hair.
  2. Separate your hair into two sections, and pin up the top section with a clip. *Do this only if you have thick or very long hair, otherwise, you can curl it all in one layer.
  3. Take the first section in about a 1-inch width, and place the curling iron clip in front of your hair toward your root. 
  4. Curl the strand back away from your face, and hold it there for a second or two
  5. Move the curling iron down the section of hair just a bit while continuing to curl backward
  6. Release the curl by stretching your iron down and off the end of your strand (this keeps the ends slightly straight which helps create a textured effect
  7. Repeat in 1-inch sections on that side of the head, and the other side  *remember on the other side to continue to curl back and away from your face. Keeping the curling iron clip IN FRONT of the hair strand will help you to remember to curl it back away from the face.
  8. Let your top layer of hair down and curl that all the same way
  9. Let all of your curls cool. 
  10. Once they are cool to the touch, you can take your brush or comb (unless you have fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl. Then you just want to use your hands.) and lightly brush the curl out from underneath your hair
  11. Flip your head and shake out your hair
  12. Spray your texturizing spray from 6-8 inches away from the middle to ends of your hair and toss with your hands until your happy with your look. 

Beach babe!

I hope this 10 minute Easy beach wave tutorial helps you get the casual and sexy hair you love. It really is a quick and fun style you can use in so many ways.

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