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I am a fun-loving person. Often loud, and I love it when people make me laugh. I'm into self-help books, beauty products, Pinot Noir, my husband Marc and my dog-child Arya, (not at all in that order :) )  


Brielle Brenner, Hair and Makeup Artist, fixing bride's hair

Over the last few years, I have been really digging into the heart of what I do, and why I love doing it.

Makeup was something I realized I was good at, and after many attempts to do other things that failed me (yes, I tried very hard at other types of jobs and they just bored me to death,) I realized that being a makeup artist as my career would have to be more than a superficial job. A deeper element was required to keep me in and building a bigger thing.

(That’s just how I’m wired. Give me all the good stuff, universe.)

Really truly, I wanted to create something that addressed issues of beauty confidence, exhaustion, not feeling good enough, feelings of losing sight of things that bring us joy. All these things kept coming up in nearly every makeup lesson I did, in one way or another.

Through conversation and intuitive observation (yes, not all of you wear your hearts on your sleeve, and I love that I need to get to know you before I really know you,) I watched the idea of Beauty Therapy materialize.

Makeup lessons started to feel like the best kind therapy. So I figured “Why not actually make this a bigger thing?

Gone are the days of the wham bam 2 hour makeup lesson, it just simply wasn’t enough to fulfill all of the needs that popped up during the short session.

Beauty Therapy is more than just a one on one makeup lesson, it’s a 2-3 month process where we work on getting your products right for you, teaching you how to shop the right skincare and makeup how to apply it, confidently.  

But it’s really about these deeper things, too.

As women we are relentlessly hard on ourselves, and often we are maxed out in the “free time” dept.

We often are the support system and don’t have one of our own. So intentionally taking ahold of such a major piece of our daily self care can not only free up time, but tend to areas of exhaustion and sure up our feelings about ourselves.

It’s something we do, together.

Here’s how it’ll go:

1. Skincare and Makeup Questionnaires

In the first few weeks, I learn more about you through some skincare and makeup questionnaires and really listen so that I can create a custom skincare and makeup regimen that works for your budget, skin, and time constraints.

2. Virtual Call (30 Minutes)

Then we have our first 30 min. virtual call which is designed to really tease out what it is that you are looking to learn and establish in your life through self care and beauty.

3. Custom Skincare & Makeup Plan Delivered

I will create a custom in-depth skincare and makeup regimen according to your needs and goals. There will be a list of products to choose from and centered around your budget and specific skin concerns, along with what is needed for your new makeup routine. This step takes the guesswork out of what to buy and eliminates the stress around choosing the best products that will work for you.

4. Product Ordering

Even better than the custom skincare list, I will also order your products to your door. No shopping required.

4. In-Person Lesson (3 Hours)

After your products come in we schedule our 3 hour in-person lesson. These lessons are my favorite, it’s just an absolute extravaganza. We’ll talk, snack, learn smokey eyes, foundation application, 5 min makeup, whatever is the thing that will make your life easier.

4. Virtual Follow-up Call

After that, we do a check-in a few weeks later with a virtual follow-up call. That’s designed to answer any questions and tweak application techniques that are still feeling difficult and then communicate going forward until we have everything locked and loaded.

We’re designing a functional self-care routine here, so it takes a little bit of time. 2 hours just wasn’t enough to give you what I know you’re really looking for.

I have had such incredible responses from those of you who have already done Beauty Therapy with me in its creation phase, so I wanted to make it accessible for everyone that was too busy to meet in person, or lives in another state. Beauty Therapy going virtual will also allow me to meet with more clients during the Coronavirus pandemic and when things eventually get busier.

I’m telling you, it’s a game changer, and I can’t wait for you to experience with me.

Want to book Beauty Therapy with Brielle. Click here to purchase and schedule your experience.

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