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This post will tell you the 15 of the Best Products to Keep in Your Shower.

White Subway Tile Shower

You are probably one of two types of people. #1 , the type who keeps only shampoo and conditioner in the shower, or the #2 person, like me, whose shower caddy looks like my medicine cabinet (it drives my husband nuts 😉)

If you do only keep a few products in the shower, I know this is my chance to show you how many things you didn’t even know you were missing out on.

Here are a few of my favorite, (potentially) odd-ball shower items I think you should try. Some are inexpensive and a few are bougie. CHECK EM OUT.

Read along for the 15 of the Best Products to Keep in Your Shower.

Scalp massager shower

1. Scalp Massager

You don’t have to be at the shampoo bowl at your salon to get a good scalp massage. Try the Sephora Scalp Massager $10 and get that relaxing experience, while also getting your hair and scalp super clean.

Olaplex no 3 hair treatment

2. Olaplex Treatment $28

A great hair treatment like the Olaplex #3 Hair Perfector can repair your hair each time you shower. Olaplex is designed to rebuild broken hair bonds and leaves your hair super soft. Do this a few times a month for happy hair.

wide tooth shower comb

3. Wide Tooth Comb

For long or short hair, a plastic conditioning comb helps to distribute your conditioner or mask throughout your hair evenly. It can also help detangle before getting out of the shower. This one from The Hair Edit, ($5) is perfect.

Hydrating Milk Cleanser

4. Gentle Face Cleanser

Cleansing your face in the shower with something gentle like the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser $11 or La Roche Posay Toleriane Hydrating Cleanser $15 can make sure you get a good cleanse and will remove your makeup and oil more thoroughly than a quick out of the shower face splash.

Supracor Shower mitt

5. Supracor Bath Mitt $28

I am not one for scrubs (for lots of reasons) even though they are luxurious feeling, they can irritate and injure the skin. The Supracor Bath Mitt can be used by even the most sensitive skins and will be sure to slough off any dead skin without irritation.

invisibobble hair elastic

6. InvisiBobble Hair Elastics $8

Bobble, Bobble. Whoever created these things is a genius. Part old school, spiral shoe lace (remember those, the ones you didn’t have to tie) and some sort ingenius hygenic plastic resin. This hair tie is great for tying up your hair in the shower when you are letting your Olaplex sit for a few minutes. It stays dry because its plastic, does not hurt when you tie up your wet (or dry) hair and stays germ free because of the material. Be sure to not buy the knockoffs, they aren’t nearly as functional.

Hydrating mask

7. Klairs Freshly Juiced Vit E Mask $27

Mask in the shower? Totally. Using a hydrating mask in the shower like this one from Klairs is a great idea because the steam from the shower preps the skin and opens the pores. This mask can also be left on and massaged into the skin without rinsing it off.

8. Pumice Stone & Nail Brush $7

Your skin is soft and ready to be exfoliated in the shower. Get your feet nice and smooth, and at the same time use it for your fingernails by using this dual-ended Pumice Stone and Nail Brush.

shower cap

9. Dry Bar Morning After Shower Cap $16

Some people wash their hair every day, but a lot of people want to maintain a blowout or protect dry or color-treated hair. This one from Dry Bar fits tight enough not to let any water in and dries super quickly. It’s also designed for long hair. A shower cap is also good if you want to add some heat to your deep conditioning hair mask.

Amika Charcoal Detox
Briogeo Scalp Detox Treatment

10. Detoxifying Scalp Treatment

1x a week it can be a good idea to use a scalp or hair detox product like the Amika Reset Charcoal Cleansing Oil $25, or this charcoal shampoo from Briogeo $42. Both products help to reduce and strip the amount of buildup on our hair follicle and ends that come from weekly shampoo and product use. This is a great maintenance step for super healthy hair.

Aromatherapy Shower tablets

11. Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Shower Tablets $8

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the bottom of your shower or some nifty shower tablets like these from Aura Cacia will create a relaxing aromatherapy spa experience.

Dry brush before shower

12. Goop Ultimate Dry Brush $20

A dry brush is meant to be used dry, so you would actually use it before your shower. Start at the bottom of your legs and work your way up in short strokes, then do the rest of your body and brush up toward your heart. This detoxifies your lymphatic system as well as exfoliates the skin creating a more healthy glow and combats acne, psoriasis, and Keratosis Pilaris (KP.)

Shower Filter

13. Purifying Shower Filter $20

Using a carbon water filter for your shower head, your hair is protected against heavy metals, hard water, and chlorine that otherwise create buildup on your hair and scalp. This process can also help reduce dandruff and other dry scalp conditions.

Turkish towel

14. West Elm Organic Turkish Tassel Towel , $30

Turkish towels are luxe for so many reasons. The Turkish cotton feels airy and soft and it quickly dries you off while lightly exfoliating. These towels tend to wash and even air dry super easily, and are great for home and travel.

Microfiber Hair towel

15. Microfiber Hair Towel $10

If you are a curly hair girl or just like to air dry your hair, using a microfiber towel will help dry your hair fast while reducing frizz. This towel will also stay put so you can wear it while you’re running around getting ready or wear it overnight.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the top 15 Best Products to keep in your Shower.

Adding even a few of these to your shower caddy is sure to make that quick 10 minutes and enjoyable part of your day while also benefiting your hair and your skin.

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