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5 Products to Instantly Update Your Makeup Routine for Under $75

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

This list will show you the 5 must-have makeup products all for under $75.

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There’s absolutely no shame in the fact that *maaaybe you’ve had that mascara for a year, and just maybe you’ve been squeezing out that tube of lipgloss or mixing those two really not that great foundations up to make the right color.

This is what we do.

Even I do it, and I teach this stuff for a living. It’s the nature of life. We get too busy, don’t want to spend a ton of money on things, and forget that we have been doing the same makeup routine since high school.

Here are 5 products to instantly update your makeup look on the cheap.

Glossier Futuredew Liquid highlighter

1. Glossier Future Dew $24

I know… You might not consider this a makeup product, but I do, and here’s why: Every client I have asks me for “Glowy” skin, and a trick I often use is applying a glow serum or highlighter underneath their foundation. This glow serum from Glossier does just that. It’ll make your skin look healthy without looking oily and you can wear it on its own or under your foundation.

Revlon Candid Foundation

2. Revlon Photoready CANDID Foundation $11

This foundation is awesome because of its versatility. It is a medium coverage foundation with a creamy semi-matte finish so dry and oily skins can use it. I love it mostly because of the 31 shades offered (which can pretty much fit any skin tones) and the pump it has will keeps your application sanitary #covidapproved.

KosaSport lip fuel balm

3. Kosas Kosasport Lip Fuel Balm $18

Have trouble picking out lip colors? This is a great choice for a non-intimidating, moisturizing balm with a good wash of color. Even if you love colorful lipsticks and have a ton, this is a great everyday balm to throw in your bag, and pop on easily without a mirror. The shade range is small but works for all skin tones.

Tarte Maneater Travel Mascara

4. Tarte Maneater Mini Mascara $12

THROW. IT. OUT. I repeat… Toss that old mascara because it’s nastay at this point and you deserve a new one. As a life hack, and to prevent ourselves from being our own worst germ enemies, I always recommend buying a mini mascara. #1 it’ll last you the 2-3 months (which is the ideal toss time) AND it’s affordable to get a high-end mascara like this one from Tarte

Flower Beauty Blush Balm Cream Blush

5. Flower Beauty Blush Bomb $10

Cream cheek colors are by far one of the best ways to get that effortless and casual makeup look. Truly you only need to use the tiniest amount of the Flower Beauty Blush Bomb to cover both cheeks. The best way to apply: pat with your middle and ring finger along your cheekbone and back toward your ear. This product has a nice sheer and glowy finish

Shopping Tip: If you want free shipping for, You can add a tube of their Boy Brow, which is another easy product to add to your makeup kit, and will help you meet the free shipping minimum.

This post showed you 5 great products to boost up your current makeup look, all for under $75. Thanks for reading along.

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