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How to find the best false lashes for your eye shape

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

This post will teach you how to find the best False Lashes for your Eye Shape.

Image courtesy of Hayley Jo Photography

During makeup applications and lessons, clients ask me how hard it would be for them to apply their own false lashes. Sometimes it’s a request I get while working with a client in my Beauty Therapy program. It takes a lot of practice to get them right, BUT it is possible to do on your own. For your lash application to look effortless, you will need to start with the perfect lash. Below you can learn how to find the best false lashes for your eye shape.

Next week stay tuned for a step by step on How to Apply Your False Eyelashes yourself!

Deepest Eyes

If you have deepest eyes where your brow bone comes out and appears more prominent than your eyelid/eye socket, you want to bring your eyes forward and create a more open eye effect. Looks for a slightly longer, natural lash (nothing dramatic or “heavy”) that will draw the eye up and out.

Like the “Juliet” lash from House of Lashes

Almond/Upturned Eyes

If you have almond eyes where your eyes are narrow at the inner or outer eye and turn up on the ends, you will look great in these lashes from Velour that have the volume/ longer lashes in the center, balancing the almond eye shape.

Velour “A new leaf” Lash

Hooded Eyes

If you have eyes with no visible crease & where the lower eyelid is not as visible when your eyes are open, you can use a lash like these from Ardell to open them up and create a lift effect.

Ardell Extension FX Lift & Define L-Curl Lash

Round/Prominent Eyes

If your eyes are more prominent and project outward rather than sitting in line with your eye socket & brow bone, you will love the “Boudoir” lashes from KISS. They are wispy with elongated ends to draw the eye out and into a balanced shape.

KISS “Boudoir” Lashes

The Best False Lashes for Any Eye Shape

When in doubt, especially if you have issues assessing your eye shape, My favorite lash is from Ardell and it works on nearly everyone for a super natural and elevated look.

Ardell Natural Lashes in “420” (4 Pack)

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