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This blog will teach you how to apply false lashes like a pro!

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Applying false lashes can be frustrating! Chances are you have bought a pair, or five, tried to apply them, only to realize there is a gap between your eye and fake lash, or you’ve glued your eyelid together, or who knows!? The difficulty of applying false lashes is endless! I wanted help by writing this guide on How to Apply False Lashes Step-by-Step with a few pro tips and tricks so the next time you practice, you can walk out of the house with a bad ass set of lashes and some pride. Read below for all the steps.

You will start first by choosing the best lash for your eye shape. Then follow by doing your eye makeup, curling your lashes, and applying mascara. Now, follow these steps!

Step 1: Trim your false lashes. Hold them up to your eye as if you were going to apply them, if the lash extends past the end of your eye, use a pair of cuticle scissors to trim off one or two “knots” on the lash band.

Step 2: Choose a fast drying glue like the duo quick set w/ a paddle attachment: Duo Quick-Set Lash Adhesive Clear – Ardell | Ulta Beauty.

Hold the lash in the tweezer, and turn upside down. Run the paddle attachment across the lash band. You want a thin band of glue on the lash.

Step 3: Get close to a mirror with good light (use a magnifying mirror if you have one) and aim for apply the lash down on your existing lashes, not your lid (you’ll get closer!).. Use the tweezers to place the center of the lash down first.

Step 4-5: Press the center part down and quickly and firmly & the grab the front of the lash with tweezers & press the lash onto inner eye by hugging the curvature of the lash line, then press the lash down on opposite end of the eye.

The whole lash should now be pressed onto the lash line. The last 2 steps should take no longer than 10 seconds or the glue will dry too much.

Step 6: Take a q-tip and press the lash strip down all the way across. Focusing on anchoring both ends to your lashes is very important. Step back from the mirror and check that you don’t have a gap between your lash and the fake lash.

Step 7: Use a lash curler to press your lashes together. Apply another coat of mascara. Feel free to touch up your liner with a liquid liner or add liner if you feel you need to disguise the lash band more.

Thanks for reading along! I hope this guide taught you an easy step-by-step process of how to apply false lashes.

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